Friday, October 14, 2011

Life Lessons: Scheduling Online Payments

It really bit me in the *bum* today. Apparently I was more organized than I perceived myself.

Holden asked me to be sure his Sallie Mae student loan was paid today- payday. I thought I had already done that but was unsure. To check I searched "Sallie" in gmail and didn't see any receipt for payment in the list. So I went online and posted payment for today.

Then I get the receipt of payment from this vaguely unfamiliar source, NOT Sallie Mae's email address at all! I frantically search this new email address and there it is. The scheduled payment I made about 2 weeks ago!

Now, Holden is working mandatory overtime and I have no way of calling Sallie about this. I can't give them his information and expect them to understand our bill paying situation. So I'm left hoping someone sees my generic customer service email. (You can't type your own message! How frustrating!!) I really need to cancel that second payment... seriously.

Having a negative balance and your only income check coming exactly 14 days from now would NOT bode well for the family.


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