Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Sermon: Eat Cake!

The holidays are pushing themselves into my life. I have spreadsheets and database forms filling my desktop and a line of Canada Dry Ginger Ale cans on my desk. I'm ready, I think.

However hectic, my mother always reminded me that the holidays were about doing, not stressing. There are things to see, things to buy, things to decorate, and most importantly, she taught me there were always things to clean for the holidays. More focus is going into my schedule, like it or not. I'm sorting my stack of notes tomorrow morning for sure.

Yet, today is a crisp Sunday and lazy. The Fall is here and winter draws near. The streets are lined with the fleeing overflow of leaves that were still present on the trees for Halloween.

This Sunday, I am not worried about the pending invasion of family, friends, chores, and Etsy orders.

No, today I eat Chocolate Cake from Heidelberghaus German Bakery.

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