The Future

Happy New Year 2014! It is the Year of the Horse of 4712 in the Chinese Lunar Calender!
Currently, the Cains are in the process of adding another Homestead Farm to the family.

After having great success in our first growing year in Upstate New York, we've put plans in motion to start our own, slightly smaller, farm in Indianapolis. We've been doing a lot of reading and research into "Urban Homesteading." We are now in search of a proper location: a property with at least 1/4 to 1/2 acre of usable land, (hopefully) within our current township school district, and inside our budget.

We want an investment property that is mostly move-in ready, so that our money can go towards improving the land outside the home. We're currently renting at a rate of $1000 a month, so our goal is to get a mortgage beneath that level. By working the land with vegetables, fruits, and egg laying animals, we hope to become largely self-reliant on our own food, and learn more about homestead farming. The next step would be to sell our surplus at the amazing local Farmers Market, or a roadside stand. That particular business plan is in the draft stage.

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