Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frugal Finds: Costco has my Pop on sale - Hansens Natural

What a soggy day out today here in Indianapolis. It was cold and rainy, even a spot of hail while I pumped my gas.

I had been putting off Costco to do other things but I had another run to the Post Office for a sale. My coupons were in need of spending and now was the time.
I found some great deals and even some extended price reductions!

Oh, and if you didn't know, I grew up in Chicago. I don't know what Soda is, I call it Pop!

SKIM Milk is *still* $2.29 a gallon! 

Hansens All  Natural Sugar Cane 24 case is only $5.97!!
This is a clear pop except for the Root Beer 6 pack. Also comes with Orange-Lime (my favourite), Cherry Vanilla, and Strawberry Kiwi

Free Samples!

Finish Dish washer tablet - Box of 200 *NOW* for the same price as the old 100 box- $14.99! (Save $2.00 over Cascade)


Angus Burgers - $4.00 Coupon off a box of 8
Pot stickers (Chinese dumpling) - Coupon available
Fiber One bars!
Pretzel Crisps- LOVE THESE!


If you haven't heard the news, peanut crop failure in China and the Southern US states is causing a rise in the price of peanut related products. 

$7.99 Two-Pack of Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter
or $7.69 for Chunky

Huge 32 ouces Jars (two) of Smuckers Starwberry Preserves or Kirkland Organic 45 oz $6.97

Healthy White Wheat bread (for the kiddos) currently 2 Loaves for $2.99!


  1. What an amazing page! You make me wish I lived next to a costco! I miss being close to that sort of convenience! This is a great post. You should write for your local newspaper. Kudos to this blog spot. You have giving me so much to think about!=TreasureKelly:)

  2. Oh the long debated  soda or pop debate...So funny!  I love your posts.  I hear coffee and chocolate will go on the rise this year...Keep your ears open!  Two basic staples in my home...FO SHO!

  3. REVOLT!REVOLT!REVOLT! Dems fighten words in my house! Nay say they up chocolate and coffee! *sniff* I think it's time to get our own coca bean seeds and coffee seedlings for the garden! What will happen next? Sad. I think it's a conspiracy! :D Hi xo 


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