Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The eBay: Unusual Activity!

Quite to my surprise, I found another sale this morning and an email from eBay.

They had frozen my ability to list anything else on the website and asked me to call their customer support due to:

"Unusual Seller Activity"
 Oh really? I wondered to myself and called my husband to complain. "What could I have done? I have 100% positive feedback and good prices."

He had no idea either. "Ugh." I complained, "Maybe it's unusual that I am doing well and my customers are happy." He laughed and said he'd make the call to Customer Service when he got home.

Sure enough, after waiting 6 minutes with a xylophone wait music blaring, we get a nice young American man who is also clueless about why we'd get a warning. He politely put us on hold for a moment and returned congratulating us on how well our account has done in so little time. He went on about how they had very good feedback about the account, and that was the reason they wanted us to "Check In." eBay Seller Management had flagged our account as an outstanding seller and wanted to know if we wanted to have the next seller limit lifted early.

Good to know I'm succeeding somewhere. Even if they think it's "Unusual."

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