the Family

  • Holden Cain & Constance Tai

Half Cajun French and half Irish, the native of Louisiana, Holden , left to explore the desert of Arizona via fiber optic cable and to master novel writing. After a decade of the sun, he followed Constance the farthest North he had ever lived- Indiana.  He is ever the adventurer, leading his family into wilderness, unknown neighborhoods, and day trips.

Half New York Irish and half Chicago Chinese, Constance once pursued pharmaceutical chemistry and genetics. After the birth of her third child, the family changed directions, focused inwardly, and has decided to live a more natural, organic lifestyle. She creates and designs the projects featured on with the children.

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The Minions

Constance's three lovely biological monsters who inspire the projects and future of the family.

The Fox

Holden's nineteen year old son, who's sky is the limit. Sly and clever, he evades capture but gives great input on projects.

les Chats of artCain

The Shoes

North American Speckled Wombat. OOAK

The Rufus

Most interesting Siberian in the World.

The Bandit