Monday, September 26, 2011

Frugal Finds: Costco Natural Foods

Costco has been a fairly good additional reason for my family to curb the desire to eat out over making something at home. I cook on average 3 meals and a school snack for everyone, each day. While half the family is out working or school, I still have the toddler and myself to feed at home.

My husband is allergic to most salt-based preservatives. So like those "odd" Gluten-free people, we often have to ask annoying preparation questions to servers and fast food simply isn't in our vocabulary. Hence, we try to avoid most restaurants we know use canned food products. This drastically limits the playing field for a no-mess meal away from home.

We shop mostly on the outside ring of the regular grocery stores, selectively at Trader Joe's, and Costco. Most of the products at Costco have all natural ingredients and their clientele seems to be pushing for more products.

I'm not sure if all Costco's are the same, but Today's deals were:

Skim Milk Gallon for $2.50 (not always $2.50), Hansen's Natural Soda case for $7.99, Chicken tenderloins for $2.69 a pound, Veggie Stick "chips" for $4.99 (HUGE bag compared to Trader Joe's)

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